Unconditional Basic Income, a springboard toward sustainable and desirable Degrowth? A Discussion with Vincent Liegey


“Degrowth” has emerged over the last 15 years. This “bomb word” has been used to open in-depth debates on whether infinite growth in a finite world is desirable or even possible. Degrowth warns about a potential crisis of civilization, and answers this by exploring alternative and coherent solutions on different levels. With a multidimensional understanding of the interconnected challenges we face, degrowth questions how we could implement democratic and serene transitions toward new relocalized but connected models of society based on social and environmental justice.
Inevitably, debates on Basic Income also emerged: to what extent does unconditional Basic Income, as a simple transfer of money in the form of a monthly cheque, undercut the dominion of market relations? How far does it go toward restoring relations of reciprocity and the reign of use values?

Vincent Liegey, co-author of A Degrowth Project, spokesperson of the French Degrowth movement, engineer and interdisciplinary researcher and coordinator of the Degrowth inspired Cargonomia social cooperative, center for sustainable logistical solutions and local food distribution by cargobikes in Budapest. He is also the coordinator of the international Degrowth conference (the next ones will take place in Mexico City, Malmö and in the European Parliament in 2018).

Time and venue:
Tuesday 6 March 2018 – 17.00
Campus Luigi Einaudi – Aula F4

In collaboration with Studenti Indipendenti.
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